Founded in 1990, Reicore Technologies Inc. provides advanced fiber optic based signal transmission solutions designed for LAN, harsh environment and military applications.

Reicore Technologies harsh environment/military products include fiber optic connectors, tactical fiber optic cable and cable assemblies specifically designed for rugged applications. Specifically, this group of products includes expanded beam connectors, MIL-PRF-83526 next generation connectors with genderless termini, MIL-C-28876 Shipboard connectors, custom designed harsh environment connectors, all-dielectric tactical fiber optic cable, fiber optic connectors designed for P.C. Board, and a new series of miniaturized light-weight armored fiber optic cable. These products have been successfully deployed in a wide variety of harsh environment applications ranging from Tactical Field Communication, Radar Systems, Aerospace, Missile Defense Systems, Shipboard and Pier-side.

For LAN enterprise applications, Reicore provides numerous products and services such as modems multiplexers, transceivers, media converters, connectors, adapters, cable, enclosures, test equipment, network monitoring systems, network design and integration.

Product Partners

Canaga Perkins offers a variety of internet working products for LAN, TI/EI, T3, Sync and Asyns environments. Products include: multiplexers, high speed fiberoptic modems, switches, repeaters and media converters.

FIS Blue is the premier manufacturer / supplier of fiber optics with broadcast and military harsh environment applications.

Simplex, Duplex, Distribution (indoor and indoor/outdoor), Ribbon, Dry Loose Tube indoor/outdoor, Breakout and Micro-distribution (data center) cables all constructed with Corning’s latest fiber offerings.

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